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Funny, easy, flexible and effective tailor-made courses. – Private Online Lessons. – Literature, Business, Medicine, Religion, Traveling and a Lot More!


1 to 1 live video linked teachers providing Spanish courses via the internet (using Skype o Gmail video conference, any day, any time) to your home or office computer.


You choose the times, and the number of hours per week. Choose number of sessions and starting date. – Do your homework when you have time. – Get your Spanish Certificate.

Focus your learning

Study our pre-designed courses, or choose a topic of interest, or just practice conversation. It is up to you!

Learn everywhere, Every time!!!

About Us

Learn Spanish by Skype

Quality teaching

All our teachers are native speakers, professionally trained and experienced Spanish language instructors.



  • Learn how to ask questions. (Greetings)
  • How introduce yourself.
  • Pronunciation, vowels and consonants.
  • Personal pronouns


  • Negative words.
  • Reflexive verbs.
  • Prepositions.
  • Pronominal verbs.


  • Pluperfect tense, formation and uses.
  • Future perfect formation and uses.
  • Condicional perfect, formation and uses.
  • Direct object pronouns.


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